Summit Global Investments, LLC has been awarded a PSN Top Guns distinction by Informa Financial Intelligence's PSN manager database, North America's longest running database of investment managers.

SGI is excited to be awarded the Top Gun Bull & Bear designation for our SGI U.S. Large Cap Equity Strategy with our dedication to our clients. We care about return and deeply care about the risk associated with such returns. We are keenly aware of the impact of our clients' assets. This combination of Risk, Return and Impact is at the center of how we implement a unique "Managed Risk Approach" ™ for our clients. For more information see

Through a combination of Informa Financial Intelligence's proprietary performance screens, *PSN Top Guns (*free registration to view Top Guns) ranks products in six proprietary categories in over 50 universes. This is a well-respected quarterly ranking and is widely used by institutional asset managers and investors. Informa Financial Intelligence is part of Informa plc, a leading provider of critical decision-making solutions and custom services to financial institutions.

Bull & Bear Masters: had an r-squared of 0.80 or greater relative to the style benchmark for a three-year period. Moreover, products must have an upside market capture over 100 and a downside market capture less than 100 relative to the style benchmark. The top ten ratios of Upside Capture Ratio over Downside Capture Ratio become the PSN Bull & Bear Masters. **

Our unique "Managed Risk Approach" ™ has evolved over decades of research and continuous revisions to understand and exploit what reduces risk, successfully avoids pitfalls and elevated idiosyncratic risks and drives market returns. The U.S. Large Cap Equity Strategy seeks to outperform the S&P 500 Index over a market cycle, while reducing overall volatility.

"Congratulations to Summit Global Investments, LLC for being recognized as a PSN Top Gun," said Ryan Nauman, Market Strategist at Informa Financial Intelligence's Zephyr. "This highly esteemed designation allows us to recognize success, excellence and performance of leading investment managers each quarter."

The complete list of PSN Top Guns and an overview of the methodology can be located on