Cushman & Wakefield | Commerce is pleased to welcome Mark Cannell, the newest agent to the Salt Lake City headquarters. Cannell is a business leader in the community with over 15 years of experience developing and implementing revenue generation initiatives and strategic partner relationships.

Prior to joining Cushman & Wakefield | Commerce, Cannell held positions such as Senior Product Manager with Utah Interactive and working with government agencies. 

“Mark has developed a diverse collection of relevant work experience that has prepared him to be successful with Commerce,” said Michael M. Lawson, president and CEO of Cushman & Wakefield | Commerce. “Mark has worked areas ranging from advertising and marketing to technology, project management and business development. This background allows him to better understand requirements and the needs of each individual client.”

Cannell has been a business owner and operator in the Salt Lake City community for over 25 years and a partner of Canella’s, a local restaurant. He has deep experience meeting the challenges, meeting the needs and dealing with the economic factors that businesses are faced with every day. He is well versed in the retail industry and has experience with every facet from purchasing space to executing design.

Cannell earned a Bachelor of Arts in International and Developmental Economics from the University of Utah. In addition to his degree, he earned Certification of Completion in Italian Language and History from Dante Alighieri International.