CleanSpark, Inc. announced the release of improved features and an optimized user interface to its proprietary energy analytics software.

The update provides a new look and feel as well as many improved sales-related features to its Microgrid Value Stream Optimizer (mVSO) Software as a Service (SaaS) energy modeling platform.  mVSO is used by microgrid developers to efficiently create money saving energy proposals for their client projects.

mVSO's user interface has been refreshed and reorganized to reflect updated branding and its forward-looking approach to improve the user's flow through the application. The process of creating a new project for analysis has been streamlined with a step-by-step wizard, as well as the ability to set your project's location either by physical address or by geographic coordinates.

An example screen shot of mVSO's New Project Wizard:

The ability for energy professionals to use the Software to share the modeled results with their end-customers and track sale's engagement has been greatly expanded. Users can share detailed reports and analysis with multiple parties directly through the mVSO platform. Subsequently, all customer activity and interaction with these reports are tracked and users are notified when an interested party has interacted with the proposal. mVSO now enables the generation of a sharp, effective project proposal with a single click. The proposal is designed to provide all of the salient information an end-customer needs to make an informed buying decision.

Amanda Kabak, CleanSpark's CTO and Principal Software Architect stated, "Our mission for mVSO is to provide distributed energy and microgrid developers an easy and effective way to educate their end customer on the full benefit of a proposed project. The recent upgrades and improvements we've made to the software are specifically geared to that end. The ability to share reports with any number of parties, the capability to download an effective proposal, and the increased visibility into customer interaction with these artifacts will undoubtedly help drive sales for our users."

An example of mVSO's Redesigned Project View:

Ms. Kabak continued, "mVSO's unique optimization approach is both powerful and, now, even easier to use. The new project wizard guides users through the creation of a project and the analysis of various scenarios to derive the optimal combination of equipment based on a project's location, utility interconnection, and energy use profile to achieve the highest ROI. Kabak added, "The ability for our users to advance a project from proposal to contract by leveraging detailed results provided by our software in just a few clicks and with minimal friction has always been the driving force behind mVSO's design."

mVSO's proposal template highlights project financials and detailed operations:

Zach Bradford, CleanSpark's CEO added, "These improvements are meaningful to all CleanSpark stakeholders, not only due to the added functionality and ease of use, but also because we expect these features to lead directly to additional mVSO subscriptions. As mVSO expands its market share, we expect the resulting 'pull-through' sales of our mPulse software and controls platform to increase. In conjunction with this new update, the company has launched a new marketing campaign focused on energy developers and we are optimistic about the expected results.  

Parties interested in CleanSpark's mVSO Software platform are encouraged to visit the company's website at or contact the company directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..