Tim Huffaker 2017

Guess what?  You are not the best salesperson in the world. 

No salesperson is the best in the world and never will be.  The truth of the matter is this, prospects will always be suspicious of salespeople because the salesperson has something to gain by making a sale.  That very fact creates an atmosphere of skepticism. I honestly believe most salespeople are honest and forthright. However, there are those few, who have and always will, create a bad name for the rest of us.  Until you have become a trusted partner with those you sell to, there will always be a seed of doubt regarding your intentions.

Let your happy, satisfied customers do the selling for you.  I’m not suggesting you won’t be working hard. In fact, you will be working harder than you have ever worked before at selling.  The only difference will be involving your customers in the process. Through enlisting the help of your customers, you can leverage your time, message, and sincerity, while multiplying your results.  I’m suggesting you establish a process that will become a new method for significantly increasing your sales. Here is the five-step method:

  1. Make a list of all of your “happy, satisfied customers” that you believe would endorse you personally and the products you represent.  As you create your list, identify specifically those things you believe they will say about you and your products.

  2. Ask for and receive a letter of recommendation from each person on your list.  Interview them to identify five positive aspects of your relationship and products they could mention in a letter.  Help them write the letter by including their five positive comments in the form of a “draft” letter that you will send them for their approval.

  3. After receiving the final letter of endorsement from them, engage in a dialogue concerning the ways you have been a support and benefit to them in achieving their objectives through your expertise and the products or services you have provided them.  Ask your happy, satisfied customers if they would allow you to record what they have just said to you on video via your cell phone. Remind them of the key points they have just expressed and then begin the recording. It should take just a few moments, somewhere between twenty seconds to a minute.

  4. Ask each of the customers on your list if they would be willing to share their experience of working with you and buying your products or services with some of your new prospects from time to time.  Explain to them that the comments they would make to one of your prospects would be invaluable in making the sale. After all, buyers are more credible than sellers.

  5. Explain to each of the happy, satisfied customers on your list that the most successful way for you to increase your sales and generate a greater income is through the principle of referrals.  Ask them if they would be willing to help you increase your sales through providing a few referrals. You will need to prime the pump by giving them some ideas of what would constitute a good referral.  Once you have planted a few thoughts in their mind, the referrals will begin to flow. Make sure to keep them up to date with the progress of each of their referrals.

This system works!  Follow the steps and try it for thirty-days and you will be amazed at your increased success.  You will generate more qualified prospects than ever before. Your sales cycle will be shortened and your closing ratio will increase dramatically.  Your prospects will not only be sold by the person that referred them to you, but also through the letters, videos and personal contact they will have from all of your other happy, satisfied customers.  Your responsibility is to apply the process and to diagnose the needs of the prospects. Your customers will provide you with referrals and endorse you and your product or service as the perfect solution to your prospect’s needs.